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DVD Valves has embraced the philosophy of continuous development and new idea generation according to customer demands and needs.
For the practice of this philosophy, DVD Valves uses some of the most sophisticated technology tools in the R&D Department.

Unigraphics CAD/CAM Software

As a result of a new idea from the R&D Department, the CAD/CAM design is done in a computerized software. The design is done both in 2D and 3D drawings and it allows us to visualize the product, to clearly see the dimensions and to construct the molding with CAM systems in CNC Machines. As a result, dimensions of the molds are exactly what it needs to be.

CFdesign Computational Fluid Dynamics Software

The CFD Software allows us to analyze the characteristic of the valve without even manufacturing it. Simulations made on the 3D drawing of the valve enable us to identify the points of development. Therefore we can act quickly and revise the design on computer in case there is a development opportunity. This assures we develop the most ideal design. With CFD Software, we can analyze flow characteristics, cavitation damages, kv values, pressure loss values etc.

Computerized Hydraulic Laboratory

After the manufacturing of the product, with the fully computerized hydraulic laboratory, DVD Engineers can analyze the behavior of the valve and make calculations on pressure loss values and kv values. As a result of these tests, real results are compared with CFD results and necessary actions are taken accordingly.


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