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Sewage Air Valves

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Sewage Air Valves are used to prevent pipeline burst, as a result of air intake/discharge failure in the start-up and shut-off of the system and during operation. DVD Sewage Air Valves provide 3 functions in a single chamber. Due to special design, sewage is located completely separate from the sealing mechanism. When the sealing is closed, a pressure is formed inside the valve to prevent sewage from rising to the sealing mechanism. Therefore, a big gap is created between the sealing and sewage and the plugging of the sealing is prevented. Moreover, the funnel design of the valve drains residuals back to the main line. Even residuals are collected inside, it can be easily flushed by a ball valve attached on the valve. All internal parts in connection with sewage are manufactured from stainless steel material as standard. Full bore and non-slam options are available upon request.

Sewage Air Valves
:Size DN 50…DN 200
:Operating Pressure PN 10 - 16
:Flanges ISO 7005/2
EN 1092/2
BS 4504
BS 10E

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