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Y Type Strainers

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Y Type Strainers are used to prevent residuals from entering the system. Strainers are commonly used in pump inlet, and in the inlet of crucial devices such as water meters and control valves. By reading the differential pressure on the body from the monometer connections of the strainer, user can understand when to clean the filter. Residuals collected on the filter can easily be cleaned by the blow off plug or by taking out the filter completely from the top-flange, without removing the valve from the pipeline. For the filter, different mesh sizes are available upon request. Due to Y shape body design, strainers have low pressure loss. DVD Strainers can be manufactured from GG25, GGG40 – 40.3 – 50, GSC25, SS304, SS316 and NAB materials and filters can be manufactured from Galv. Steel, SS304, SS316 Stainless Steel materials.

Y Type Strainers
:Size DN 40…DN 800
:Operating Pressure PN 10 - 16 - 25 - 40
:Flanges ISO 7005/2
EN 1092/2
BS 4504
BS 10E

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