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Dismantling Joint

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Maintenance is one of the crucial elements to preserve an efficiently working valve. And unfortunately it is really hard to install/remove a valve from the system when there is no workspace available. DVD provides a solution for this problem: DVD Dismantling Joints. By the help of its bolts, DVD Dismantling Joints can decrease the longitudinal length and create a work space that decreases the maintenance time and your maintenance costs. The dismantling pieces should be installed considering the L length and the flow direction. Please note that DVD offers Dismantling Joints with rigid type and full stud options.

Dismantling Joint
:Size DN 100…DN 1000
:Operating Pressure PN 10 - 16 - 25 - 40
:Flanges ISO 7005/2
EN 1092/2
BS 4504
BS 10E

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