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Dynamic Balancing Valves

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DVD Dynamic Balancing Valves are designed for balancing flow in HVAC systems. In case of an unbalanced system, some users get high flows, where some users can not get enough. DVD Balancing Valves are attached in the line for the users the get the amount of flow defined in the specifications in a defined differential pressure acting on the valve. Manufactured from a body which holds special cartridges, Dynamic Balancing Valves provides the exact flow needed. In case of a differential pressure change, cartridges with varying orifices react, so that flow rate is constant. Dynamic Balancing Valves do not require commissioning and have 8% tolerances. Furthermore, they are required to be used in much less quantities compared to static balancing valves. DVD Dynamic Balancing Valves body is manufactured as standard from DRZ Brass material up to 40 mm and GGG40 Ductile Iron, GG25 Cast Iron material for larger sizes; and cartridge is manufactured as standard from POM body and SS316 spring and orifice.

Dynamic Balancing Valves
:Size DN 20…DN 350
:Operating Pressure PN 10 - 16 - 25

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