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Needle Vales

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DVD Needle Valves are designed for regulation purpose in networks. Axial movement of the disc that is connected to a crank mechanism enables regulation of different parameters such as pressure, flow, level, temperature etc. The disc, guided by circular disc guides welded to the main body causes minimum friction loss and stable movement. Stem, turned by the operating system commands the crank mechanism which moves the disc axially to change the opening area of the valve. When the valve is in fully opened position, it comes to an aerodynamic shape, dropping the pressure loss and increasing the flow capacity to maximum. Similarly, when the valve is in fully closed position, due to special sealing mechanism, drip tight sealing is achieved. Since the valve provides circular opening on all disc positions, cavitation is dropped to minimum and silent, non-vibrating regulation is achieved. For extreme conditions where cavitation is high, special stainless steel discs are used such as cavitation cage and slotted cylinder. Due to operating pressure-free disc operation and special gearbox, torque values needed even in large sizes, are minimum. Therefore, economic actuators can be used on needle valves. DVD Needle Valves are manufactured from single body in all sizes, providing less weight and better body sealing compared to its rivals. DVD Needle Valves are manufactured as standard from GGG40 Ductile Iron material.

Needle Vales
:Size DN 80....DN1200
:Operating Pressure PN 10 - 16 - 25
:Flanges ISO 7005/2 - EN 1092/2

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