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920-4T Pressure Management Valves

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DVD 920-4T Pressure Management Valves are designed to combine a woltman type watermeter and a hydraulic control valve into a single unit. In pressure management solutions, one needs a watermeter and a control valve to sense demand and regulate pressure. This innovative solution combines these two units into one valve and has proven that it enhances labor and installation cost reductions and efficiency in pressure management solutions. They do not require any straightening pipes since it has flow strengtheners built-in inside the valve. Therefore, valve chamber construction costs are dropped dramatically. DVD Control Valves are hydraulically operated & diaphragm actuated control valves. DVD Control Valves are manufactured as standard from GGG40 Ductile Iron material.

920-4T Pressure Management Valves
:Size DN 40…DN 250
:Operating Pressure PN 10 – 16
:Connection ISO 7005/2

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