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Each of DVD products are tested hydraulically and pre-set in-plant, to faciliate on-site installation and simplify system start-up. DVD's computerized & sophisticated hydraulic laboratory is operated by highly trained engineers. The laboratory is a part of R&D process, providing in-house extreme conditions and "new idea" testing facilities. Likewise, high-tech CAD/CAM systems and CNC manufacturing facilities provide reliable and consistent production by the inspection of DVD's skilled staff. Furthermore, all factory operations from production to marketing are followed by the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System to decrease the reaction downtime of the company.

With the machining capabilities, painting system (Electrostatic Fusion Bonded Epoxy Paint), assembling and testing capabilities, and strong connections to its subcontractor foundries that are the leaders in foundry business, DVD produces products that are above the standards.



CNC Machining
High-tech CAD/CAM systems and CNC manufacturing facilities provide reliable and consistent production. All production is realized by CNC machinery where human error is prevented.


In-house vulcanization process allows us to control the quality of rubber used on the wedge of resilient seated gate valves. With vulcanization process, no metal core remains exposed to atmosphere. Furthermore, production of gaskets are done in DVD premises as well where quality is in safe hands.


Sand Blasting
DVD Sand Blasting process is done according to DIN 55928. After machining, all castings are blasted for cleaning of the surface. As a result, casting which is free from dirt, oil, grease etc. can be coated in a durable way. The material is coated right after blasting so that coating bonds with the material.


Epoxy Painting
For corrosion protection, DVD Valves are internally and externally coated with electrostatic epoxy paint as standard. The coating process is done according to RAL-GZ 662. For the coating process, cleaned materials are first pre-heated and after the application of coating, materials are heated again for curing. As a result, full bonding is achieved. Thickness, adhesion and porosity of the coating is inspected with special testing tools.


The assembly of the products are done according to DVD operation instructions. All assembly personnel are trained for specific valves which are under their responsibility.


We can produce high quality valves, but we need to be sure that they arrive to you in the same way as it left DVD premises. With in-house packing, we guarantee safe transportation of our valves.


Tracibility with ERP System
DVD Valves uses ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system from purchasing till sales. All processes from top to bottom are handled from this software which allows full control on processes. Furthermore, traceability is achieved by work orders processed in the system with serial numbers given to every product and charge numbers given to every cast item, we can track a product for every single operation and every single operator. Therefore we have the full history of the product.

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